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        Production Process





100% Virgin PP, Safety, Non-Toxic, Odorless economically Friendly




Hingh Density

High Density Of Woven Bags, Improveload-Bearing Capacity




                    1-8 Colors Freely Printing

                Sophisticated Printing, Fine Control Of Details. Bopp Laminated, Pearl Film




Compact Weave Density

The Thick Thread Is Used Andgreatly Improves The Bagload-Bearing Capacity

  • BOPP Laminated bag

  • BOPP Laminated bag

  • BOPP Laminated bag

  • BOPP Laminated bag

  • BOPP Laminated bag

BOPP Laminated bag

Your best BOPP Laminated Bags Manufacturer - Zhongcheng Qihang

We offer excellent bopp laminated woven bags with beautiful printing.

We are a Bopp laminated bags manufacturer located in Hebei Province, our customized bopp laminated bags have superior performance, with tear resistance and high strength, strong and durable. BOPP film is a durable material, the bopp woven bag it makes can be used for animal feed, seeds, fertilizers, building materials, resins, various chemicals, cat litter and other packaging. In addition, we can also customize your bopp laminated bag according to your specific requirements.

We know that different products require different storage conditions. We can offer but are not limited to pull clasps, straps, UV resistant, handles, colour printing, brand design, etc. If you don't know your packaging specifications, we're here to assist with the design and manufacture of BOPP bags wholesale for all applications. Welcome to contact us!

BOPP Laminated bag

What is a BOPP Laminated bag?

BOPP woven bag is made of PP woven cloth, BOPP film, extrusion composite and other different materials. Biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) has excellent weather resistance, airtightness and transparency. BOPP laminated bags refer to the combination of polypropylene woven bag and composite BOPP film layer printed with graphic images.

Bopp Woven Bags Features

1. Bopp laminated bag can obtain exquisite appearance effect through color printing.

2. The transparency and stiffness are higher than ordinary bags.

3. Impact resistance and crack resistance are also excellent.

4. A variety of finishes and excellent feel.

5. We offer printing in up to 8 colors on the front and back.

6. Beautiful appearance, good moisture resistance, high impact resistance, easy to load and unload, widely used in automatic packaging line, and adapt to various packaging, and transportation environments. Much help factory save packing manpower to reduce cost output.

7. Bags with BOPP lamination can also be produced in many different types, surface treatment can be glossy,mat during to customers needs.

8. Other bag details, like cutting handles, block bottom, side gussets, easy opening top makes the bags much smarter in packaging.

What is the difference between BOPP laminated bags and PP woven bags?

1. Pp woven bags feels soft, bopp laminated bag is harder.

2. The comprehensive performance bopp laminated bag is better than pp woven bag, such as waterproof, transparency, aesthetics, etc.

Choosing a bopp laminated bags manufacturer is crucial, here you can get a unique bopp laminated bags, we are the ideal choice for you! Please send your request as soon as possible.

  • 20kg Cat Litter PP Woven Bag

    20kg Cat Litter PP Woven Bag

    Size: 40*85*10cm Material: 70gsm white PP woven

  • 10kg Cow Feed PP Packaging Bag

    10kg Cow Feed PP Packaging Bag

    Size: 40*65cm Material: 70gsm white PP woven

  • 20kg Dog Food Packing Bag

    20kg Dog Food Packing Bag

    Customized Food Grade Large Capacity 10 20 Kg Moistureproof Flat Bottom Pet Food Snack Cat Dog Food Packaging Bag.

  • 20kg Animal Feed Bag

    20kg Animal Feed Bag

    Size: 50*90cm Material: 80gsm pp woven laminated with bopp film and pearl film Wholesale animal feed bag 20kg 50kg is crucial for storage needs for large products and miniature products.

  • Matt BOPP Laminated Bag

    Matt BOPP Laminated Bag

    Size: 50*80cm Material: 80gsm PP woven with matt BOPP film laminated

  • Wild Bird Food Packing Bags

    Wild Bird Food Packing Bags

    Size: 45*70cm. Material: transparent pp woven laminated with BOPP.