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Woven Polypropylene Bags Wholesale

Need a custom PP woven bag? We can meet the needs of woven polypropylene bags wholesale where there is a need. Whatever size we can help you with your design, including printing your logo onto a plastic woven bag for up to 8 colors, contact us today!

Description for Wholesale PP Woven Bags

Woven polypropylene bags are naturally tear resistant, minimizing or eliminating product loss so often associated with other packaging products. SHIJIAZHUANG ZHONGCHENG QIHANG PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD. provide the bags all depending on our customers' requirement. Woven polypropylene bags have a wide range of packing solutions, include food packaging bags, for rice, beans, grain, flour, maize meal, sugar, salt packing use. For animal feed packaging fields, for pet dry feed, cattle feed, poultry feed, fish meal packing.

Chemical and construction packing bags which are strong and durable. like fertilizers bag with inner bag, cement valve bags, UREA bags, minerals bags, resin bags, polymers bags, and sand bags.

Woven polypropylene bags are made of polypropylene (pp) as the main raw material, extruded, stretched into flat wire, and then woven, woven, and bag-making.

The process flow of PP woven bags:

pp granules - melting - drawing - rolling material - cutting machine - after cutting can be formed.

1. Laminated woven bags are brightly colored and beautiful in appearance, and are woven bags compounded together by bopp film and offset printing bags, which are characterized by exquisite printing appearance and are often applied to bags such as cereals and agricultural products.

2. The polypropylene offset woven bag has good air permeability and no bright printing pattern on the outside, and is mainly used for charcoal, feed, sand and gravel packaging.

3. Valve bags are mostly used for cement packaging, and are specially used by machines to fill woven bags.

We provide solutions for your woven polypropylene bags wholesale needs for feed, seeds, grains, cement and more. Send us your needs, we are a PP woven bags manufacturer, and can provide you with customize PP woven bags service.

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Application Overview

  • Rice


  • Potato


  • Grain & Seeds

    Grain & Seeds

  • Flour


  • Charcoal


  • Cement


  • Fertilizer


  • Feed


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Features of polypropylene bag bulk

1. High strength

2. Low cost

3. Sturdy

4. Tear resistant

5. Waterproof

6. Easy to clean

7. Customizable

8. Woven bag fabric weight can be from 60gsm-130gsm

9. UV resistant

Woven polypropylene bags have a variety of different sewing methods, such as square bottom, single folding, chain stitching, etc., Pp Woven bags wholesale is suitable for Africa, Asia, South America and other regions.

About Wholesale Pp Woven Bags price

The Pp Woven Bags are made of 100% virgin polypropylene,they can be usedmore times than recycled material bag.And we will give you the best price on the premise of solid quality. Our own factory, sale department and transport line can also cut down many cost for you. Welcome to contact us for woven polypropylene bags for sale.

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