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What to Use for Fertilizer?

Aug. 31, 2022

Fertilizer packaging materials.

Fertilizer standards for fertilizer packaging technical requirements, the quality of packaging materials, packaging parts test methods, inspection rules and packaging parts of the logo are detailed provisions. The standard provides for solid fertilizer packaging materials: outer bag for plastic woven bags, inner bags for high-density or low-density or modified polyethylene film bags (only the inner bag of ammonium carbon can be used polyethylene film bags), can also be used two-in-one composite bags, but ammonium carbon without composite bags packaging. The standard also points out that the use of recycled materials produced from plastic film for multi-layer bags in the internal weighing bag. Where packaging materials and other non-compliant with the above requirements, and poor quality are to note that may be counterfeit and shoddy products.


Fertilizer packaging bags on the logo.

Fertilizer standards at all levels are clearly defined in the fertilizer packaging shall be printed with the product name, nutrient content or grade, net weight, the name and address of the manufacturer, the standard mark and production license number logo. If the above major signs are not available or incomplete, be aware that it may be a counterfeit or shoddy product. Also pay attention to whether the fertilizer packaging is intact, and if you find signs of splitting or re-sewing, pay attention to those who use old packaging and fill it with counterfeit fertilizers.


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Agricultural and chemical packaging bags

Agrochemical bags are a kind of bags used in agricultural production, mainly used for agricultural fertilizers and so on. Agricultural and chemical packaging bags are mostly woven bags, some relatively good quality agricultural and chemical packaging bags will be added to the woven bag inside the film bag. In addition to the fixed specifications, what are the characteristics of agrochemical bags?


First of all, the main types of agrochemical bags are divided into ordinary, M-fold, etc.. Consumers in the choice of bags to consider the actual situation according to the net content of fertilizer for type selection. Fertilizer net content of less than 20 kg should not choose M-fold bags to avoid stacking because of the placement of palletizing problems. 1-5 kg of small packages of fertilizer is to consider M-fold bags.


Secondly, agrochemical bags are generally used in the material is polyethylene, is a widely used in fertilizers, chemicals and other items of packaging materials. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light quality, moisture and humidity resistance. In recent years, after the technical innovation of product production, the general use of flat wire process, that is, the use of plastic raw materials made of plastic film, cutting, one-way stretching for flat wire, after warp and weft woven to get the product. In addition to these advantages, the real quality of agricultural and chemical packaging bags outside the bag without miscellaneous colors, in the natural light of the background white and clean without oil, warp and weft flat wire intersection without obvious broken wire, tight and flat, not easy to decolorization, resistance to high strength, even if the packaging mixed fertilizer after doing free fall movement will not lead to the outer coating film off. Agrochemical packaging bags are made of high-pressure film, hot sealing evenly without air leakage, can effectively prevent the deterioration of fertilizer, extend the use of fertilizer cycle, and improve the quality of agricultural production operations.


Finally, the outer bag of agrochemical packaging bag logo must have some of these elements: the shelf life of fertilizer, the general shelf life of fertilizer for two years; producer live dealer's business name, production address, contact information, etc.; production date or batch number; warning instructions and warning icons (moisture, sunlight, seed fertilizer isolation, etc.).


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What to Use for Fertilizer?

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