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Are BOPP Bags Food Safe?

Feb. 22, 2023

Bopp (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) bags are widely used in the food industry due to their durability, moisture resistance, and cost-effectiveness. However, the question of whether Bopp bags are food safe is a complex one that requires an understanding of the materials and manufacturing processes used to produce them.


Bopp bags are made from a type of plastic known as polypropylene, which is widely used in the food industry due to its low toxicity and ability to withstand high temperatures. Polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic polymer that is made from propylene monomers. It is a versatile material that can be molded into various shapes and sizes, making it ideal for use in food packaging.


The process of manufacturing Bopp bags involves stretching and orienting polypropylene film in both the machine and transverse directions. This stretching process creates a film that is stronger and more durable than other types of plastic films. The Bopp film is then coated with a layer of polyethylene, which provides a moisture barrier and improves the sealability of the bag.

  BOPP Laminated Bag

 BOPP Laminated Bag

The polyethylene coating used on Bopp bags is often made from a type of plastic known as LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene). LDPE is a food-safe plastic that is commonly used in food packaging due to its low toxicity and ability to withstand high temperatures. LDPE is considered to be one of the safest plastics for food packaging because it does not contain any harmful chemicals or additives.


In addition to the materials used to make Bopp bags, the manufacturing process also plays a crucial role in ensuring that they are food safe. The production of Bopp bags involves strict quality control measures to ensure that they meet food safety standards. The bags are tested for their strength, durability, and resistance to moisture and other environmental factors.


Furthermore, Bopp bags can be designed to meet specific food safety requirements. For example, some Bopp bags are designed with special features such as a tamper-evident seal or a zip lock closure, which can help to prevent contamination and ensure the freshness of the food inside. These features are particularly important for products such as snacks, nuts, and other dry foods that are prone to spoilage.

 Application of BOPP Laminated Bag

  Application of BOPP Laminated Bag   

Despite the many advantages of Bopp bags for food packaging, there are also some concerns about their safety. One of the main concerns is the potential for the bags to leach chemicals into the food they are holding. While the polypropylene and LDPE used to make Bopp bags are considered to be food safe, some studies have suggested that they may release harmful chemicals under certain conditions.


For example, a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that LDPE can release potentially harmful chemicals when it comes into contact with high-fat foods such as cheese and meat. The study also found that LDPE can release chemicals when it is exposed to heat, such as when it is used to package hot foods.


To address these concerns, some manufacturers have developed Bopp bags that are specifically designed for use with certain types of food. For example, some Bopp bags are designed to be used with high-fat foods, while others are designed for use with hot foods. These specialized bags are often made with a different type of polyethylene coating that is less likely to release harmful chemicals under specific conditions.


In conclusion, Bopp bags can be considered food safe, as long as they are made from high-quality materials and manufactured to strict food safety standards. While there are some concerns about the potential for Bopp bags to release harmful chemicals under certain conditions, these risks can be minimized by using specialized bags and following proper handling and storage procedures. Ultimately, Bopp bags remain a cost-effective and versatile option for food packaging, particularly for dry foods and snacks.

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