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How to Choose Pet Food Bags?

Feb. 08, 2023

If you buy dry dog food for puppies, it may come in bags that you can store in your kitchen for weeks or even months, depending on the size. Consumers are estimated to have spent $44 billion on pet food this year, which equates to a lot of coarsely ground food being stored in cupboards and cabinets for long periods of time.


Dry dog food is processed to obtain a longer shelf life. It is dried meat by-products, powdered vegetables, oils, etc., and can be kept stable at room temperature for up to 18 months. No food we eat can be kept that long - but coarse ground food can.


Dry dog food is made in a similar way to boxed cereal. It is made through a process called refining and extrusion, which dehydrates the food to about 10 percent moisture, and also adds preservatives.


Coarse grinds are usually purchased in dog food bags, with some pet parents choosing to transfer the food to another container or tray for easier or more compact storage. But the original packaging is more than just a useless paper or plastic bag. In fact, for a variety of reasons, you may want to consider keeping your dog food in its original packaging.

50LB Dog Feed Bag

 50LB Dog Feed Bag

Reasons to keep your dog food bags

Here are a few important reasons to keep your dog food bags.


Reason 1: You will be prepared for a recall

The Food and Drug Administration regulates the production of (most) dog food and manages recalls of pet food. Keeping your bags with you will not only help determine if your pet food is part of a recall, but it will also help inform other pet parents of possible problems with the pet food they purchase.


Pet food bags contain valuable details, including batch numbers and production lot information. Saving the bags can help you determine if your particular food bag is involved in a recall. If your pet may be one of the first recalls, the bag can help your veterinarian report possible problems through the FDA portal. They will ask for this information when completing the report.


Reason 2: It extends shelf life and slows spoilage.

Believe it or not, the lining of a coarse-ground bag is not a useless part of the packaging. It actually helps preserve the food inside.


Dry pet food companies rely on the lining of pet food bags as a last line of defence, which is specifically designed to extend the shelf life of the contents. Heat, air and sunlight can accelerate the spoilage process and some nutrients that are sensitive to heat or light can deteriorate.


Pet Food

Reason 3: Reduce the risk of contamination.

By keeping your dog food in its original bag, you can also reduce the risk of contamination.


Leaving the food in the bag to begin with reduces the chance of introducing contamination during handling. According to the FDA, some pet food may already be contaminated and removing it from the bag may contaminate other surfaces. It is best to leave pet food in the original bag until you feed it.


Reason 4: It helps you keep track of the best dates

Let's face it, it can be difficult to keep track of expiry dates when you're buying large bags of dog food or have multiple pets in the house. But all coarse ground food bags have best before dates printed directly on them, so you can easily see and remember when you need to use or discard excess food.  


Reason 5: It keeps pests away from the food.

Depending on where you store your dog food, the packaging can help keep critters out.


If you keep your food bags in the garage or outside, pests will chew through the bags or crawl in through the top (ants), but if you keep the bags in a cool, dry cupboard or another dedicated container inside the house, then you will greatly reduce the chances of pests or stored mites.


If you are concerned about pests getting into the bag and would rather use a sealed dog food storage container, simply find a container that will hold the entire bag. Place the food bag in the container for added security.

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